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Reasons to attend Haskell Love

If you're ready to take your Haskell skills to the next level and you still haven't made plans, register now to join us on September 10th.


    Learn from the cutting-edge software engineers in the industry across 30+ sessions. Take a look at some previous edition videos to get a feel for how deep Haskell experts dive. Then scan the speaker schedule to define whether your professional aspirations might benefit from these real-world lessons. Check out our blog to learn more about our speakers.

    Innovate in the fields of Haskell by exchanging ideas with like-minded professionals in our populated Discord channel. It will be available after the event, too!

    Influence the discussions through active participation via live Q&A. Since we are so speaker-heavy, you get a real chance to spend quality time with the speakers and follow up on what you learn from their talks.

    Network with the global Haskell community, meet ecosystem partners, and "ask the experts" your toughest questions. Our innovative virtual community track blows away everyone who sees it. And you have to see it too!

Meet our speakers

We’re bringing together the best collection of speakers from top technology companies. Some you may know (and probably already follow on Twitter). Others you'll be discovering for the first time here.
Our experts will share tactics and best practices on how to build the next generation of software products using Haskell and Functional programming.

Meet our speakers

Keep your eyes open

There’s lots going on at Haskell Love and loads to learn. If you want instant updates, give us a follow:

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