What is it all about?

It is about the Haskell language, of course. Haskell Love Conference is the biggest λ online event in the world. Attendees get the best content and the opportunity to meet the functional community a little bit closer, completely for free!

This event is focused on the FP community, knowledge exchange, and having fun!

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome! Even if you have a monad-o-phobia, please join us, we want Haskell Love Conference to be accessible to everyone, no matter FP experience level. What’s more? We don’t mind if you bring your cat as a plus-one!

Who can speak?

Call For Papers is open (and it will till the 1st of July, 2020). Submit your proposal by clicking the link.

Three reasons to become a Haskell Love speaker:
1. You got something very interesting and totally FP to say.
2. Your family would be proud of you (look Ma’ I’m in TV!).
3. Your cat got a “λ” mark on its forehead, everyone needs to see that!

How to get there?

We will meet on July 31st – August 1st 2020, at your home, in full comfort and safety.

Keynote speaker

Simon Peyton Jones


Conal Elliott

Derek Elkins

Jeremy Gibbons

Tikhon Jelvis

Bartosz Milewski

Emily Pillmore

Susan Potter

Arnaud Spiwack

Arnaud Spiwack

Pawel Szulc

Eric Torreborre

Eric Torreborre

Philip Wadler

Philip Wadler

John Wiegley





One conference to reach them (λ) all! 

We won't flip a coin to see if we are able to cover the conference's sugar icing cost – what if we had a lack of luck :D? 

Instead, we are inviting your company to join our organizers' table – let's talk about partnership opportunities. Help us making the Haskell Love Conference more sparking, please consider the sponsorship opportunities. Contact us: partner@haskell.love 


Oli Makhasoeva

Elena Kuznetsova

Ida Bzowska

Margarita Kurushina

Haskell Love

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